Terms and Use

I am using my Social Security account services with the account that I created myself using my own personal information and identity. I am not using a my Social Security account created by another person or created using another person's information or identity, even if I have that person's written permission.

I will never share the use of my Social Security account with anyone else under any circumstances. I will never use another person's my Social Security account.

I understand that my Social Security account contains Social Security Board information.

I consent to the monitoring and recording of my use of my Social Security services, including any electronic communications (such as click-to-chat or messaging) for SSB’s purposes alone.

I understand that it is a crime to:

  1. Give false or misleading statements to obtain information in Social Security records;
  2. Give false or misleading information to obtain or alter Social Security benefits; or
  3. Deceive the Social Security Board about an individual's identity.

I agree that misrepresentation of my identity to access Social Security Services could subject me to criminal or civil penalties, or both.

I understand that the Social Security Board may cancel my use of my Social Security services online if it finds or suspects misuse.

I accept that the responsibility to properly protect any information provided to me by the Social Security Board is mine and that I am the responsible party should any information on or from my computer or other device be improperly disclosed.

I agree that the Social Security Board is not responsible for the improper disclosure of any information that the Social Security Board has provided to me, whether due to my negligence or the wrongful acts of others.

Social Security is going "Green"!

With your my Social Security account, you can immediately view, download, or print your Social Security Statement. Your online Statement contains the most up-to-date information in our records about your earnings and benefits.

Remember, now that you have a my Social Security account, you will no longer receive a paper Statement in the mail. If you need a Statement by mail, please follow these instructions.